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ePost service enables an overview and payment of bills, receipt of mail and promotion materials from chosen companies.

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ePost service enables you to receive documents and pay bills directly from your eBox.

In the list of bill issuers you just need to select those from whom you want to receive documents by e-mail and grant them your approval.

For each issuer from whom you wish to receive documents through ePost you have to log in by entering data required by the issuer (OIB / personal identification number, electric meter code, etc).

For the first time you can pay your bills with card (Visa, Master Card, Diners or Maestro Cirrus) regardless of the fact whether you receive them in your eBox or you order payment of a bill received at your home address.

ePost service offers you communication in secure environment. Regardless of whether you send a message, a letter or ePost to other service user Croatian Post will deliver it to correct address.

You can send your messages to another ePost service user in the form of an e-mail, through secure environment, or to any other chosen e-mail address.

You can send your letters to another ePost service user in electronic form, as an e-document, or in physical form to any particular home address.

Save free of charge your bills and documents for one year. You can access your documents at any time from any computer.

After expiry of the first year storage of documents will be charged. For users who do not want to pay archiving, documents will be stored in protected central archives of the service and accessible at document owners request.

Saving time while paying your bills

Do not waste time on filling in payment orders because ePost service enables you to pay any bill received by legal person in a fast, secure, simple and convenient way.

Payment by credit cards

Pay your bills with card for only 2 HRK per bill. The service is available only to ePost service users!

Promotional programmes

and useful information ePost service users will be informed about our partners offers and will be able to benefit from them.


ePost service is a service by Croatian Post, developed in cooperation with Fina, which secures a reliable way of payment and safe and on time receipt, sending and storage of mail.

See from which issuers you can receive invoices electronically, by selecting the county you are interested in.


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